Clegg Insurance

is now HomeFront

homefront insurance

As part of an evolution to bring you a modern, tech-enabled insurance experience with a human touch, Clegg Insurance Group has rebranded as HomeFront Insurance!

We want every HomeFront client to feel at home with our new brand. Over the next few months, we’ll be phasing in the HomeFront brand and adding new tools to make it easier and more convenient to manage your policy. What isn’t changing is the comprehensive range of insurance coverage options and local expertise you’ve come to expect from us over the years. Best of all, your current trusted agents will continue to be there to help you safeguard what matters most to you and your family. 

homefront insurance

Rebranding to HomeFront is our first step in rolling out cutting-edge digital resources that fit the evolving needs of our clients. The tools and experiences we plan to roll out under the HomeFront brand will enhance our ability to serve as a trusted insurance resource for our clients.

Additionally, HomeFront’s new coverages and digital experiences will empower clients to simplify their lives by having all their coverages in one place. This includes property, flood, auto, umbrella, collections, boat, and many additional coverage lines.

About HomeFront 

Headquartered in Tampa, FL, HomeFront offers insurance solutions that make it easy to buy and manage comprehensive coverage for your lifestyle and financial situation.

HomeFront opens the door to the best of both worlds - the expert guidance of licensed agents enhanced by a streamlined, modern customer experience. Learn more at